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Automation Marketing Platofm by AI & Big Data

Automation Marketing Platofm by AI & Big Data

Automation Marketing from Big Data

Unlock the Power of AI and Big Data

Automation Marketing Multi Channel

The platform is designed to optimize the lead generation process based on multi-channel automated marketing scenarios and big data systems.

Campaign Automation

Design multi-channel automated marketing campaigns to increase lead conversion rates and user experience

Big Data

Applying Big Data system from Alita Segment to reach more than 10M customer behavior sets based on social network behavior to increase lead efficiency


Automatic enrich lead information from theAlita - Social Segmentation Platform by AI

Personalize Content

Optimize advertising content for each user to increase experience and optimize conversions

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Some features on the platform help automate the process of finding leads based on Big Data

Campaign Automation Multi Channel

Implement multi-channel and multi-platform automated marketing campaigns


Based on the Big Data theAlita platform to enrich lead's information

Lead Scroing

The system is capable of scoring customers based on customer interactions with marketing channels

Big Data & AI

Using Big data & AI to target potential customers based on social behavior

Data Center

Host and consolidate customers from multiple sources on 1 platform

Integrated & API

The system has integrated more than 20 common communication gateways and is optimized for integration with other platforms for data exchange and marketing.

"With over 15 years of experience in the Marketing & Performance industry, the Combo Alita Segment & Alita Automation has enabled me to optimize campaigns for Lead Generation and new customer acquisition"
Trung Lê

#1 Automation Lead Generation Platform

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